BAM! Chronicling the Second Big Bang

We missed the first Big Bang. Humanity itself is creating the second one. And BAM! puts us front and centre in the middle of our own show, recording our progress towards a new frontier in human intelligence.

An acronym inspired by “Brains and Minds”, BAM! is a showcase of news and musings on human and artificial intelligence. The centrepiece of the project is a regular blog featuring a combination of original material and curated streams of content drawn daily from hundreds of thousands of sources from across the Internet. Sourced and categorised with the aid of algorithmic search, BAM! is ideally placed to report and to comment on the latest research and developments in brain science, in computer learning and the implications for the future of humanity from the evolving symbiosis of mind and machine.

Inspiring ideas, great themes: in equal part truly awesome and potentially terrifying. Will machines go beyond their limitless potential for crunching data to a point when, in pursuit of intellectual perfectibility, they turn on us? Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers a soup of huge ambitions and existential threats, benefits at the nano-level of innovations already having an impact, at the same time as perversions in our endless quest for knowledge are seeing terrible depravities in the emerging worlds of killer viruses, cyber terrorism and lethal autonomous weapons systems. The biggest danger to mankind may well be mankind.

BAM! was conceived by publishing professional Tam McDonald. It is the work of a small team of publishing, intelligent search and digital marketing professionals. Its focus is the curation of content produced by a global network of neurological and computer learning specialists, top medical and Artificial Intelligence journalists, as well as the scientists, policy makers and philosophers whose collective efforts are preparing our species for a cognitive revolution every bit as significant as the Enlightenment of three centuries ago.

Anyone with an interest in the evolving intellectual capacity of our species – indeed anyone with a brain – will find something of interest on BAM! It may be the curated, specialist content feeds on the latest news and research relating to human and machine intelligence. It might be the blogs and podcasts. It could be that BAM! is seen increasingly as the vital go-to resource in discovering and chronicling the best work being done around the world in refining and developing how humanity thinks.

BAM! is for everyone, everywhere. Enjoy it. Support it. Contribute. Spread the word. And if you have an idea for making it better, please get in touch.