Privacy Policy

The Brains and Minds website (“the website”) holds data details on its users, subscribers, contractors, suppliers, advertisers and sponsors, all of which is subject to the website’s “privacy policy”. No data that could enable the identification of its originator will be divulged to any third party for any purpose without the express permission of the originator.

Accumulation of data for the purpose of third-party communications or transactions will be on an opt-in basis only, effected with the express permission of the originator, who will retain the right at any time to opt out of subsequent communications subject to the terms of any formal arrangement or contract entered into between the time of opting in and opting out.

Users of the website may at their discretion advise personal details in their communications with the website and ask that these not be displayed in any public-facing commentary. Note that neither anonymous nor pseudonymous comments or submissions will be used on the website; a legitimate name and verifiable address must accompany any and all submissions and, upon the user’s request and at the discretion of the website, the comment or submission may be used with the “user’s name withheld by permission”.

Data will otherwise be shared with third parties only where required by law. The publishers of the website will do their best to ensure that appropriate safeguards are always in place to protect and secure all data in its possession but it must be noted that data may be processed by service providers in a country outside the European Economic Area, which may not have the same standard of data protection as in the United Kingdom.

Providers of data to the publishers of the website have the right to request a copy of the data that is held on them (for which a fee may be charged) and to have any inaccurate data corrected. Data originators wishing to interrogate their data or seeking to effect changes in relation to the data held on them should contact the publisher’s data protection officer:

Security of data held by the publishers of Brains and Minds is a paramount concern. All electronic communication by or to the publishers is encrypted, with additional protection provided by secure firewall software and other measures dedicated to preventing unauthorised access to the website.